Sunday, February 19, 2017


I guess I’ll do an entry now to pass the time. As tired as I am, I’ll get up too early if I go to bed now.

Had a very active weekend both physically and with the tasks I’ve accomplished. Using the hourly weather updates provided on one of the weather sites, we caught a break in the rain this morning and went for a half hour jog.

Wish I knew why I sweat so easily when working out. It was barely 50° yet after about 10 minutes I was sweating. There’s no way I could work out in the summer during the daytime. I can definitely work out in the rain now, though. My raincoat and rain boots arrived. The raincoat is pretty long. It’s one of those one-size-fits-most things and it’s almost to my ankles. It’s flimsy and cheap and it might not last many years, but it will help while it does. Now the only times I won’t be out there is when it’s under 40°-45°. How warm I can stand to run in depends on the time of day. It can be in the 80s if it’s at night, but in the direct sunlight, anything over 65°-70° might be a bit much for me.

My rain boots are cute and sturdy and should last for many years. 5.5 fits me perfectly, as usual.

It started raining not too long ago and the winds are in the teens. At around 1 AM it should hit the 20s. The highest wind speed I see predicted is 26 mph, so we shouldn’t have any leaks to worry about. It’s only when it gets over 40 mph that there’s a risk of leaks.

We went to Sam’s and stocked up on some things. He got some things for lunch and snacks throughout the next few weeks. I stocked up on wet wipes, toothbrush heads, Cappuccino K-cups, and I also got a new light blue bath mat for the master bath. Plus a pair of dark gray sweatpants that would be ideal for running and that are very comfortable. Not too long either.

I don’t want to get my hopes up because I haven’t been very psychic lately, but I’m hoping the dreams I had last night and the night before are a good sign suggesting that the promotion Tom’s up for is going to be pretty big. It was the overabundance of things in the dreams that makes me wonder. I’ve learned to read a lot of my dreams over the years, but sometimes a dream can seem totally meaningless until a particular thing happens, and then I’m able to look back on the dream and see the message behind it.

Not that we don’t already have an overabundance of plenty of things. I’ve got clothes I forget I even have, and probably more necklaces than I’ll ever get a chance to wear, LOL.

In one dream I had twice as many clothes than I already have, and I have a lot in real life. Then in last night’s dream, I was in the shower shaving. I realized my razor was dull and I wondered why I bothered to use them for so long when I had dozens and dozens of razors.

Then I was in a huge store. Tom started talking to someone and so I decided to just go off shopping, grabbing anything I wanted that I happen to see.

Good God, even on a Sunday in the rain they can’t give me a day off from the fucking landscaping! Argh!

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