Saturday, February 25, 2017

She's Gone

No hip pain today. Yay me! Tom and I are going out walking and running when he completes what will be his final Saturday. Yeah, he told the jokers at work he’d work today before they conveniently failed to follow through with their promise of a job offer by yesterday. As long as they’re not going to keep their word, though, he may continue to do a little OT during the week, but no more Saturdays! The man needs to have a life.

He is grateful to me for helping in the ways that I do, like with laundry, cleaning and things I’m happy to do because he simply doesn’t have time to tackle it himself. :)

Good news: I’m so active I can eat all I want and not gain weight.

Bad news: I have NO willpower to cut back and get my skinny on to lower my cholesterol naturally.

Today’s thing to be grateful for: That one of my newer friends found someone else to Facebook with. I’m almost never there anymore other than to check messages. I don’t scroll through the feed but may comment on something I happen to catch at the top of the feed when I jump in to check for messages. Almost all of what I post are journal links, and I don’t have to go to Facebook to do it. I share from Blogger. So as a reminder to any Facebook friends that may be reading this, my lack of contact isn’t because I stopped caring but because Facebook just doesn’t interest me. I’m also too busy at times to be online, but if you have anything you want me to know, message me!

Today’s pet peeve: Will people please stop talking to me as if I too, am part of their God fantasy. I have no problem with what others believe, but when they say things like, “Isn’t it great that God gave us blah blah blah,” I’m like, “Whoa! YOU believe God gave us whatever. I don’t even know that there is a God, and I don’t know that I would consider Him a friend even if I did with a lot of what I see going on in this world.”

No offense, but I see adults turning to God much as I see a child turning to an imaginary friend for either entertainment or support. Again, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing what you gotta do to survive life; I just don’t like it when people automatically assume that I’m part of this lifestyle. I’m not. I prefer my husband, pets, exercise, music, writing, audiobooks, Netflix, etc.

I don’t know if I mentioned this yet, but the last time I walked out of S’s office, I had the feeling I would never see her again as a patient. If that were true then that would mean the worst of my anxiety was over. It’s likely that we’ll keep in touch every now and then, however.

I started the folliculitis treatment and I don’t even find that it burns at all like the other cream, which caused a slight burning sensation. If this stuff is going to be a problem in any way it’s going to take time. It has to build up in the system much like levothyroxine does.

I was a little nervous applying my first dose last night, so I made sure Tom was home. He assured me that if I were going to have an allergic reaction, it would have happened right away, and reminded me that I’ve taken oral steroids for asthma before. This is true, even if it was a million years ago back east. All they did was make me bloated and retain water. Fortunately, my allergies are mostly from dust, dander and some plants. I don’t have food or drug allergies.

“She’s gone forever and she’s never coming back, huh?” I said to Tom last night. “That person that before 2014 could simply take whatever she was prescribed without a second thought, fear or concern.”

He agrees that that person is probably not coming back, but I am learning to live with my medication phobia just like, as he pointed out, I learned to live with my spider phobia.

LOL, no need to worry about them anytime soon with this cold weather we’ve been having. We froze last night or pretty close to it. But yeah, if it can ever warm up and stay that way for more than 5 minutes, we’ll have to bomb the place as the creepfest awakens.

What else… just listening to the usual traffic and daily landscaping annoyances. God, just to have one day off from that. Just one day. Some things I just can’t get used to, so it seems. I’ve lived in noisy places almost all my adult life, but there is still nothing that beats the sound of silence.

The traffic is still worse than the landscaping. The landscaping is only in the daytime. The traffic is almost round-the-clock. I still can’t believe so much traffic could exist in a gated adult community. And so many loud vehicles, too!

That insanely loud Firebird continues to come and go multiple times a day anywhere from 7 AM to 1 AM. I don’t understand why they can’t just go out, get what they need and leave it at that. Nobody has that many doctors’ appointments, nobody has that many errands, and nobody has that many friends.

Or do they?

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