Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Shit, I'm a Redhead

Got auburn-brown dye in my hair and I’m waiting till it’s time to wash it out.

Poor Tom, who has exercised induced asthma, was wheezing and coughing his brains out after I tried to coax him to run with me a little more this evening. I should’ve known better than to damn near black widow the poor guy! I’m younger, in much better shape, and not nearly as heavy. I’ll just run solo from now on. Biking is much better exercise for him and it’s more fun, too. It’s just been way too cold for that. It was 56° when we went out, yet it felt like it was in the mid-40s.

A half hour later…

OMFG, my hair looks awful! As usual, the dye wouldn’t take at the very center of my forehead or on the sides even though I swear I saturated it good. The color also clashes with my eyebrows. The people that made the dye must be colorblind too, cuz auburn-brown really means red. The gray that did get covered is red and the brown part is auburn. So just like before I’m 3-toned. Instead of gray, medium brown and dark brown, I now have red, auburn and gray. :( I’ll brown it out in a month or two.

I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I haven’t heard that insanely loud car for two days. Really hoping the person was just visiting. I thought they looked a little young for the place the couple times I got a glimpse of them. Or maybe the “influencer” struck again with the little spell she did her mind? That may be wishful thinking, but maybe not. I’ve wished upon a star a little too hard before, so anything is possible.

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