Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Solar Panels

Yay, Tom has an interview for tomorrow! We don’t know that this could mean the difference between Florida and Hawaii, but it could mean the difference between working 50 hours a week vs. 40. He’ll settle for the same amount he would earn with OT, only without the OT.

Looks like he was right in his theory that the roof only leaked because it was so ferociously windy. The wind would’ve lifted the old adhesive on the shingles easily. After he did some research and shared it with me, the roofing won’t cost as much as I thought it would. For some reason, I thought it’d cost 10 grand or more, but we should be able to do it for 3-5 grand. Then we’re going to add solar panels. We knew we would be redoing the roof at some point during our time here, and if anything, it will give us more money in the end. It will up the value of the house for when we sell it in a decade or so, and they pay you for the energy you put back out. We just have to wait for drier weather. It doesn’t usually rain from late spring to early fall here.

Bob came over with 3 pieces of mail to us wanting to loan us 50K which was accidentally delivered to him. He opened them before realizing they were for us. No problem. We too, just open mail without looking at whom it’s addressed to.

Got a missed call from the medical group. Then when I checked online, I found my GYN appointment was canceled. It would’ve been nice if someone had told me. I asked my PCP if it was just an error or if it was really canceled. I told her I haven’t had any anxiety, but am still having constant water retention and sore boobies.

I spotted yesterday and now I’m having a light flow. So I guess the damn will burst tomorrow. Not at all a good sign. I really thought my periods would have stopped, lightened up, or gotten further apart by now. Not come a day early two months in a row. It’s like I’ve gone from perimenopause to a permanent case of PMS with periods. :(

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