Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Target & Bob

Thought I’d do an entry before my appointment, which is in a few hours. Turns out I didn’t need a lorazepam last night or the night before to help me sleep, so I’ve only had one in over a month.

Unfortunately that hip pain is coming back. It’s sort of above my hip and toward my very lower back.

We went to Target when it opened and it was pretty dead. I got a gold bangle, a couple of sports bras, and bath bombs.

Tom got some small bins that he attached to the back wall of the closet in the second bedroom in which to place small electronic parts in.

Then we went to Jack-in-the-Box where I got a large order of fries and he got a full meal.

I saw Bob declogging his gutters and went out and chatted with him. He said that when they had their roof done they were told they didn’t have enough space to be worth getting solar panels. They also have a large tree in front of their place that blocks some of the sun.

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