Thursday, February 2, 2017


This auto shares to FB, but I'm not there nearly as much. The fucking place is nothing but a political forum these days and it gets old. I hate Trump too, but all the marching and protesting in the world isn't going to change the sad fact that he'll be president for the next 4-8 years.

When we picked up our groceries last Sunday, Walmart thought for the third time that we were new customers and gave us a welcome bag of freebies, LOL. This time there were a few sugar packets, a small bottle of water, chocolate chip cookies, nuts, and a yucky granola bar.

A few hours before the effects of the food poisoning hit me on Wednesday, I went out walking and was surprised to spot a loose German Shepherd across the lake. I don’t have the greatest vision, but I’m pretty sure no one was with it. I was surprised because I’ve never seen a loose dog in this park, and it is walled off. A dog, even a large one, might be able to squeeze through somewhere, though. Only sections of it are block wall. There’s just regular fencing in other areas.

I find big dogs unnerving, so not knowing what it might do, I turned around and headed in the other direction, not wanting to meet up with the thing at the west side of the lake.

I ran the last two blocks home and covered the distance rather quickly because I was moving pretty fast.

As I rounded the corner onto my street I saw the lady that lives next to the “Twenties” working in her front yard. I introduced myself to her. Her name is Trisha and she lives there herself. Wow, one person in a 3-bedroom?

She told me she wasn’t very sociable (neither am I), was retired but still worked as a contractor. Something to do with insurance and long-term healthcare. Tammy would’ve understood this better, whereas this isn’t my language. I did get the part where she said she still gives massages at her acupuncture business and makes jewelry.

Where yesterday I was surprisingly drained, today my diaphragm muscles are sore as hell, even though I only threw up once and I work out regularly. I guess we just don’t normally use those muscles in that way and with such force.

I had a rather disturbing dream last night. I was in the bathroom when I heard Tom start shouting to someone I assumed came to the door, and then he was screaming. I ran out of the bathroom just in time to see someone running across the living room. Horrified and pissed, I charged toward them and tackled them with my arms around their waist, but then the dream ended as we hit the floor and I started throwing punches.

In another dream I was showing my dad my nails, which I had just polished green.

“That would be very hard to remove,” he said.

“Yeah, green and blue are tough to remove,” I said. LOL

Then I had a dream I was in a gift shop and had my eye on a $400 doll that I really liked. Then someone called me to ask about someone they hadn’t seen in a while. A young woman, I guess.

In the next dream, I was talking with a few people to a black couple who were waiting to be accepted into the park. Someone asked when they would know, and they said anytime now.

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