Monday, February 6, 2017

Twisted Logic

Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be part of the human race. Literally. I may not know it all, but some people’s stupidity never ceases to amaze me. Like this person that commented about how gays shouldn’t be allowed to adopt little boys.

Does this person ever really sit and listen to themselves? If they took the time to really hear what a true idiot they are, they wouldn’t get the logic behind this statement anymore than I do. That’s because not only are most child molesters straight as a pencil, but if we should stop gay men from adopting gay boys, then we should stop straight men from having girls and straight women from having boys. Right?

I just don’t get people at times, including how it can be “unlawful” to ban terrorists from the country. No matter how many times we see them on the news going on killing sprees, everybody just loves them and wants to welcome them with open arms. Would you like to invite child molesters into your community, too? I mean you might as well. How about wife beaters, arsonists, and thieves? If people want terrorists living amongst them, then I guess anything goes these days all in the name of “political correctness.”

Other than stupidity and the senselessness that goes on in this world, my spaghetti came out damn good. Still loving the new pots and pans. The mint green pot that I used to boil the water look turquoise today, LOL, but it’s still lovely. After I helped myself to what I wanted and then put the clear cover on it, I thought it would fog up, but it didn’t.


  1. A lot of people that support gay rights, seem against this Muslim ban, as well. I think that is just liberalism, though. Your views are actually rational and make sense. We should let immigrants in this country, but we have to be very careful about what Muslims we let in. It sucks that a group of terrorists ruined it for the decent ones (most of them, I believe), but we have to protect our country.

  2. It always sucks when the bad apples have to ruin it for the good ones. For me, it's not just about keeping the country safer, but a matter of space as well. I don't want even more people flocking over here, taking what's ours and hogging precious resources while adding to the overcrowding and healthcare burden.