Sunday, February 12, 2017

Wall Decor

As I said, I’m back to sleeping shitty again, and again I appreciate all the input from those on Prosebox that are also going through or have gone through perimenopause. What worries me most is that now that the constant waking up is back, I fear the anxiety will return as well. There is no symptom worse than that! Heart palpitations can be scary, but I’ve learned that I can usually slow those down with some deep breathing and ET. It’s the constant feeling of anxiety that gnaws at your chest or stomach for hours and hours on end that really sucks big time.

We didn’t do much over the weekend other than hang a couple of pictures because Tom hurt his hip somehow. Although they’re beautiful, I totally regret going with posters. The frames I didn’t think I’d need ended up costing way more than the posters ($80 for four frames), and it’s been a lot of work getting them into the frames and hanging them. I should have stuck with stickers or gotten tapestries.

I am happy with the alligator print and the frame that we got for it. It’s a really cool front-loading frame where you just snap the sides into place. Unlike the others, it has an anti-glare cover.

I’m also happy with the one sticker that I did get; a hanging bird cage with a bird in it. It’s an all black silhouette that I put on the wall space between the dining and laundry rooms. It’s the perfect size for that area, and the cage appears to hang from the thermostat.

The toilet in the master bath is back to flushing as soon as it senses motion. I don’t know why it was delaying flushing for a while there. These toilets sometimes do weird things for no apparent reason. The blue light was on for a while several months ago and we never knew why or why it turned off one day. That light should only flash when it’s being flushed.

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