Saturday, February 18, 2017

What's Wrong?

I don’t miss Paula. I don’t miss Andy. I don’t miss Nane (for the most part). I don’t miss Maliheh. But why oh why do I sometimes still miss Aly after all her dishonesty, selfishness and other shit? I was always quick to frown upon those who associate with or even speak positively of those that have been abusive or at least had a negative influence on them somehow. Yet here I am missing someone I shouldn’t be missing it all. What’s wrong with me???

Fortunately, the rain stopped early in the morning and I could get out for a run. It was very wet but peaceful out there. There were a few scattered worms on the road brought out by the rain. I was a little surprised at the trash I spotted around the park. A chunk of Styrofoam, a razor, a small vodka bottle…

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