Friday, March 3, 2017


I don’t know what I was doing in Norway in my dreams last night, much less what I was doing there alone. While I’ve done it before marriage, traveling solo is incredibly boring. I can’t imagine going on vacation alone. I know some people prefer it that way, but I would be nervous and I wouldn’t like not being able to share the fun with someone. But in dreams we often do things differently. I guess I won tickets there and was going to meet Christian. It was winter and something went wrong along the way. I guess I was walking to his place or something and I passed out of hypothermia before I made it there.

I said that for every man I was attracted to, I was attracted to more women, and this is true. But I’ve always liked Christian. We never met face to face, but for nearly a decade now I’ve had what I would describe as a mild crush on him. It’s not like I fantasize about jumping in bed with him, but I think that if I were single and he approached me (like he once told me he probably would), I doubt I would say no to the 6-foot plus Norwegian with the nice blue eyes that’s seven years younger and whose said some rather flattering things to me.

So I passed out in the dream and then I became semi-conscious when I realize I was in his place and on his couch. I could hear and understand what was going on around me but I was too weak to open my eyes and sit up.

He said something about promising to be a gentleman but that he was going to cuddle me so that his body warmth would help warm me up. He picked me up as if I were light as a feather, threw me on his bed, and spooned my body with his.

I managed to ask about his wife and he told me they were divorced. I gave a slight giggle and said, “Were you a whorebag or something?”

Christian laughed and said, “Yeah, I was a bad boy.”

I was still pretty out of it and then he had a neighbor-doctor come and check me out. The doctor said I would be okay if I slept it off for a day or two, telling Christian to make sure I got plenty of food and water.

“Your Caligirl here has a little extra meat on her but she’s in tip-top shape.” I felt the doctor lift one of my legs a few inches by the ankle and say, “Look at that muscle. Your girl’s a runner.”

Christian confirmed that I was from reading my journal.

“So then you don’t think she tried to kill herself?” I heard the doctor ask him.

“No. She seemed happy about the trip and looked forward to meeting me, but she was seriously considering ending it when the economy collapsed. I clearly remember that. Her entries went from sad to scary.”

The doctor asked something like, “Did you intervene?”

Christian said, “Yes sir, even though it was only with words of encouragement.”

“Sometimes that’s all it takes,” the doc replied, and then the dream ended with him telling Christian that his “Caligirl” wasn’t used to brutal winters but was sure used to brutal summers. “Don’t let her travel west for a day or two, be a gentleman, etc.”

LOL, I told Christian about the dream, too.

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