Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dry Pits & Ugly Hair

My nieces confirmed that Tammy is busy but doing well. That’s how she sounded in my dreams, and my dreams rarely lie.

I still can’t believe how ridiculous my hair looks. The box said auburn-brown, not bright red. The parts that were re-dyed could almost pass for auburn-brown, but the 1.5” regrowth is what’s bright red. So I have this bright red stripe along with the top of my head. Maybe I need to dye it more like every six weeks instead of every three months.

I may have ugly hair until I become a natural brunette again, but at least I have dry pits. My orchid pink moisture-wicking running T-shirt arrived today and I took it on a 15-minute test run in the 62° sun. The air was cool but the sun was warm on my face. It seemed to keep me drier, but I’ll get a better sense of that when I’m out there longer tomorrow. I’ll probably get the pink raspberry one.

I hope my solar keyboard still works since I was dumb enough to spill water on it just now. You would think by now I would be smart enough to put the cover on my water bottles.

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