Sunday, March 5, 2017

Journal Prompt - 1

Write an “About Me” about yourself.

Most of my regular readers know this information, but I thought I would do some journal prompts that are going around Prosebox. So here’s a bunch of random facts, not in any particular order.

I consider myself to be a straightforward person who tries to be as honest as possible. Rather than lie, I would rather not discuss something I didn’t want to be truthful about for some reason whenever possible. If I had lie to save my life, that would be different of course. This “honest policy” of mine tends to lose me friends more than any other trait of mine, but I would rather lose friends by being myself than keep friends by telling people what they want to hear or that they consider “polite” or “correct.”

I’m a short person that likes to keep in shape. I could stand to lose about 30 pounds, but Hashimoto’s and age makes this damn near impossible because I hate being hungry. I’m used to being a little on the heavy side anyway, and I don’t care what people think. So as long as I’m healthy (and not hungry) I’ll just keep the extra weight.

I have high cholesterol, occasional allergies and asthma, and am going through perimenopause, which can make me pretty anxious at times. I quit smoking nearly 20 years ago.

I have green eyes and brown hair that’s going gray, and very pale skin that is unable to tan. It’s definitely able to get sunburned and sun poisoning, however.

I’m of Jewish descent, although I don’t practice or believe in religion because I find much of it to be too hateful and too structured. You can’t just make up a bunch of rules and expect them to fit everybody. I’m not even sure I believe in God given all the atrocities going on in the world, including some things that have happened to me personally.

I try not to take any shit from anyone. I used to be a very forgiving person who would stand around and argue her point forever, no matter how much of a waste of time it would prove to be in the end. These days, no matter who you are, no matter what you are… I won’t stand around and try to reason with your stubbornness, and I won’t spite you if I decide I don’t like you; I’ll just not have anything to do with you.

I’m not a shy person. I won’t hesitate to say what’s on my mind. I would never intentionally want to offend anyone, but I have just as much right to be myself as others do.

Most people would consider me eccentric and with a good sense of humor. I consider myself as normal as I am not. I have a very unique sleep disorder, I have a driving phobia, and I was born with a deformed ear. Not your common everyday traits. At the same time, I’m as boringly ordinary as ordinary gets.

I love things that are colorful and shiny, learning languages, having pet rats, writing journals and fiction, and find that nothing beats a house that smells good. I love perfume, incense and essential oils.

I’m 51 years old, happily married and childless. I live in NorCal. My favorite color is pink, my shoe size is 5.5, and my hair is long and curly. I like to straighten it at times.

I don’t always wear full makeup, but you’ll often find me with lipstick on, and you’ll always find my fingernails and toenails polished.

I’m feminine and a bit muscular from years of working out. I talk too loud and I swear too much.

I’m liberal. It’s okay to marry the same sex and it’s okay to have an abortion. It’s not murder. You can’t “murder” something with zero sense of awareness, otherwise those weeds you killed the other day would also be murder.

It’s not okay to give our money to other countries when there are so many people right here in need. It’s also not okay to take in potentially dangerous refugees because it’s “politically correct.” Our safety should be our top priority.

I try to live in the here and now but sometimes I worry too much about the future. I try to be a tolerant person, but find that a challenge at times. Especially when I can’t have a conversation without God or the name of someone/something I don’t care for always having to come up during every single conversation. Drives me nuts!

I’m a loner (I feel no guilt, shame or the need to apologize for this) for the most part and I never felt the need to collect friends and be a social butterfly like most people.

While I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, lying, phony, hypocritical people that don’t keep their word and who tend to be pushy little control freaks are to be avoided at all costs.

People that falsely cry rape or racism piss me off. So do life’s injustices.

I don’t know if I believe in the afterlife, ghosts or angels, but I believe in psychics if only because of my own personal experiences with mood influencing and dream premonitions.

I work at home as a homemaker and writer, and have thus far lived in five different states… Massachusetts, Connecticut, Arizona, Oregon, California.

I’ve traveled throughout most of the US, including Hawaii, and sailed the Caribbean, docking in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and almost the Grand Turks & Caicos until choppy seas prevented docking. I saw Cuba from a short distance, too.

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