Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Weekend So Far

One of the rats dragged out a plastic ball with a little bell in it that the cat kicked under the stove when she was here. So now it’s their toy. What is it with these rats, anyway? How come they can keep themselves clean but they can’t keep their place clean? Instead, they have to pee everywhere… in their tubes, on their shelves, in their hammock. That damn bedding is in the trays for a reason.

Yesterday was a fun day, although I had quite a bit of lung tightness. Hopefully, it’s just because of the rain, and it is spring now, after all.

So we got something like $140 goodies at Walmart yesterday, and it was all free. He had a $100 GC from work, plus $70 in Walmart savings accumulated that you can only use at the store.

I got a couple of dresses and one of them looks unbelievably awesome on me! I never would’ve thought a $10 Walmart dress could do that, but trust me, I’m my own worst critic. So if I say something looks good on me, it damn well does. It’s a simple short sleeve light pink dress XL Juniors, with the perfect style and cut for my body shape. It accentuates my assets while hiding my problems spots. Definitely something I’d go see S in, LOL, if I were still seeing her.

Unfortunately, the red one I got, which is a little different, is a little snug yet I already removed the tag. I didn’t realize the dresses were Juniors and I automatically assumed that it would either fit fine or be a little loose. I usually wear M or L, though.

We got a new outlet/plug that allows you to plug USB plugs into it. It also has a sidebar that pivots for extra wide plugs.

I got a necklace, some scented wax cubes, a howling wolf cone incense burner that makes a nice decoration even without the incense, and an alarm clock that’s way too bright. It said it had a loud alarm so I figured I would try it, but it’s blindingly bright. How do they expect people to sleep with something so bright? We’re going to open it up and install a dimmer.

He got himself some of the things he likes as well.

The massager is way too loud. You also can’t feel it very well through the mattress in the master bedroom either. We put it under the 3-inch foam topper on the other bed, which made a huge difference. Tom thinks it’s the best 50 bucks we spent in a while.

I slept well yesterday, so that’s twice in a row. But sadly, I can’t seem to do it without taking something. I don’t want to always take lorazepam before bed so my body doesn’t get too used to it, and I can’t take the Tylenol p.m. every day because it leaves me drowsy the next day.

After a few days of the Vaseline-like treatment the doctor recommended, I did a steroid treatment earlier using a super, super thin layer. Really hope I don’t end up feeling like someone’s holding a lit match to me in a day or two, but I’ll be seeing her Wednesday either way.

I went for a walk after 1 AM and it was so peaceful. The air was cold but calm. In the daytime, you can see better, but then you have dogs being walked that usually bark at you as you pass by, loud landscaping, and traffic to watch out for.

Last night I had a fun dream for once. I don’t know why but I dreamed that I was renting clothes once a week. They would surprise me with something based on my style and color choices. I seemed to really enjoy it, even if they sent me a sweater that was badly pilled and had some loose threads.

The next dream wasn’t so fun. I was with Tom and some woman when I spotted a spider on the ceiling. The woman took a flyswatter to it, but then the spider on the ceiling became the shape of an animal behind some lighted opaque ceiling panels. What started off as a deer turned into a bear and who knows what else.

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