Friday, March 3, 2017

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Slept a little better last night, but found that I skimped on cholesterol these last few weeks and skipped coffee when I got up for nothing because the only order at the lab was for my thyroid, so I learned when I got there. Why this needs to be checked just three months later is beyond me. They’re doing TSH and T4, which only required one vial of blood.

It would still be better for me to cut out as much cholesterol as I can. I’m not going to worry about it this week, though. Even I need a break from little more than fruits and veggies at times.

So they had these really cool things set up at the lab that looks sort of like tablets on stands. Instead of signing in by writing your name and the time down on a clipboard at the desk, you just sign in on that and then they call you.

The "poisoners" sent a $10 check for the chicken pot stickers that gave me food poisoning.

I had a 3-pack of Turbie Twists that I throw my hair up in after showers. Two of them were getting dingy so I made little hammocks out of them for the rats. So cute.

Since I’ve gotten so many new clothes in the last couple years I’m looking forward to redoing closets and drawers, especially drawers. We’re going to print little compartment organizers for drawers on the 3-D printer for things like socks and underwear.

Tammy checked in, and the girls got promotions at their workplaces, so that's good. 👍

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