Saturday, April 1, 2017

Busy Weekend So Far

Enjoying a very busy and productive weekend so far. I didn’t sleep that great, though. Sleeping to nature sounds on Alexa is a bust. The connection hiccupped, and I woke up a few of the times it made its loop because I’m not used to the sound fading in and out but being more consistent instead. Electricity is definitely more reliable than the Internet. Two nights ago it was pink noise I slept to, and last night it was brown noise. The brown noise has more base, but I kind of like my nature sounds or white noise or whatever color noise to have a variety of frequencies.

I swear I woke up like every hour, but I’m not too tired today. Working in the sun and then riding the bike was a little draining, though.

Tom is dieting aggressively, but of course, I don’t bother because I have to damn near starve myself and I can’t stand the hunger, fatigue and grumpiness that goes with that. I just eat healthy most of the time and keep active and I won’t gain any more weight.

Shortly after I got up we went to Wal-Mart to pick up some things. I got a couple more of those awesome dresses. One in turquoise and one in black. Plus I got another one with shoulder cutouts with pink and blue flowers against a black background. That one's not exactly made for those with Bowflex biceps, but still fits well. They were all just under $10.

We made an Amazon order where I got a new ceramic wax warmer without a light for the bedroom, extra bedding for the rats, a shorter slip for me (13” instead of 18” like the one I have), a pretty floral embroidered doily to redecorate Jade’s stand with, and then he got some things as well.

When we got home, before we went bike riding, Tom trimmed some trees in the back while I blew the patio, then used the power hose to clean the table and chairs. It’s amazing how fast and how well it cleans things. Damn good investment!

They came in next door as we were finishing up and I said hello to Virginia.

There’s been a black-and-white cat hanging around here lately. Not sure if it’s a stray or if it lives here.

I had a million dreams last night, but the two I remember were pretty violent where I was forced to fight to defend myself. I was in a bathroom stall somewhere in one dream, butt parked on the toilet seat, when I heard the door open and footsteps approach. A large pair of men’s boots appeared under the door in front of me. I looked up to find a youngish guy peering wordlessly over the door at me. He had light eyes and light hair that was thinning in front.

I quickly jumped up, yanked my pants up and said, “Whoever you are, whatever you end up doing to me, you’re going to fucking pay!”

Then I grabbed a fistful of the hair on top of his head with my right hand while I opened the stall door with my left hand.

Then I decided to try to bluff the guy by insisting he was so cute and making like I was going to kiss him before I turned and bolted. Not sure if he ever caught me or not.

In the other dream, a woman attacked another woman before she turned on me. I then systematically took out parts of her face from the forehead down. First I smashed her glasses, then I broke her nose, and then I split her lip, and ugh… I definitely need to have happier dreams tonight.

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