Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cloudy, Dry & Warm

Weather’s gorgeous today, but tomorrow and the next day we’re going to get rained on. This should be the last of the rain. It’s unlikely, but still possible, to get rain in May. It almost never rains between June and August, so that’s when we’ll do the roof. Gotta cut way back on non-necessities and next year’s vacation may be off the table. We were going to go to either San Diego or Hawaii, but it’s still too far out to say for sure.

We’ll keep this refrigerator, but we still want the dryer that matches our front loader, and we could definitely stand to replace this old oven. We don’t want to borrow from the retirement fund to do it, though. Everything else has been as updated as far as we’re going to update things for the length of time we’ve got left here.

Although I’m starting to feel like I’m getting bloated and watery, I’m definitely going to be late if I get another period. 28 days from my last period would be the 12th and there’s no way I’m going to get a period then because I’m not PMSy enough now.

I wish I could know if I was done with periods and especially the anxiety. I think I would cry tears of relief if I suddenly knew I was, and then I would dry my eyes and be quick to celebrate. It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve seen S, and I’m still hoping I never see her again (other than occasional phone or digital communication), as much as we may miss each other at times.

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