Monday, April 17, 2017

Day 4

My Dumbo ratty hurt his foot somehow. I noticed him limping around earlier. It seems to be his back right foot, though it looks fine when I looked at it. I don’t see any cuts or swelling or anything, but I’ll keep a close eye on him.

I was telling Tom the other day how much I wish we had a lanai like Tammy has where I could enjoy the outdoors when it was warm enough, but without the bees picking on me. What we might eventually do is wrap some screen around part of the patio and support posts, and then have one of those magnetic screen doors where the magnetized flaps close as you go through it. We don’t want to block the front door, of course, so we’re thinking we would go just beyond that on down to the bedroom. It’s nothing that’s in our immediate future, though, because we still have to deal with the roof this summer.

Still feeling rundown, sniffly and sneezy, so I’m taking breaks in between doing this and that. It’s easy to think you’ll be over a cold in just a few days when you’re fit and healthy, and then you remember that they do say they last 7-10 days for reason. Well, I’m on day 4.

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