Saturday, April 22, 2017

New Shorts

We both slept well and long last night and woke up feeling much more refreshed. He always catches up on his sleep on weekends. He went to the lab early in the morning and they were jam-packed. He had to wait over an hour, and then the girl had trouble finding his veins because his blood pressure medication thins them out.

We’re both just about 100% recovered from our colds. Just a little leftover congestion. That was quite a cold! Really thought I’d be better in a few days, not just over a week. Hopefully, it will be well over a year before we’re sick again.

As for the really loud car I’ve mentioned before… it looks like it could be someone staying at the house where the kids have been known to live (gee, what a surprise), and if that’s the case I want to report them. I never reported the kids because they didn’t affect me since they’re on the other side of the circle, but this insanely loud car has woken me up enough. Why do these people live here if they want to let their dog run loose and have underage people living here? It’s probably the boyfriend of the daughter.

I heard it leave last night for its third time out at about 9:30 and thought, “Shit, now I have to wait till it comes back before I can go to sleep.” But I fell asleep and it managed to return without waking me up.

First I need to see what I can learn without giving myself away. I don’t want to be reporting them if God forbid they’re a lot older than they look or if they’re a caretaker. If I do end up reporting them, it’s going to be done anonymously. I learned years ago how people can be if you complain about them, no matter how legit your complaint may be.

Tom was joking about how many people must think I’m underage, haha. I have had people ask me that, too.

Went to Target and grabbed a few pairs of shorts. I needed new styles and a better fit. I’ve had a lifetime supply of athletic shorts, but no decent regular shorts. Got a pair in bold pink, light denim, and a pair that looks black in dim light while bordering on navy in bright light. The waists are lower cut and the legs are shorter as opposed to the ones that go almost to the knees. To me, they’re not really “shorts” if they go to the knees.

We were out in front of the house deciding what trees by the master bedroom to trim. There’s a rose bush and then something else that we’re going to trim, then he’s going to blow off the patio roof, and hopefully, that will deter woodpeckers, though I didn’t hear anything yesterday. It may not be seeds they’re after, but maybe twigs for nesting. That’s why we’re going to keep things below the patio roof; to lower the chances of things blowing onto it.

Other than winning CampNaNo, I don’t have any other real plans for the day. Just doing a load of laundry and kicking back with my writing, audiobooks and Netflix.

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