Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Social Fixer

Help! Anyone having trouble posting to their Facebook wall today? I sent three people messages that don't appear to have seen them let alone replied, although I did test Messager on a few other people that saw and replied to my messages. However, I can't post to my Facebook wall. Tom can't even post on his Facebook wall either. I can comment on other people's posts, but not post to my wall. I don’t think it has to do with Social Fixer, which a PBer recommended, because I was able to post after installing it this morning. I only have it in Safari and not FF, yet I can’t post when I bring Facebook up in FF either.

Social Fixer is awesome! It does much more than just filter names and words you’re sick of. You can block trending news and do other things as well. I’m grateful to the person that recommended it. :-) I’ll never be an avid Facebook user regardless, but when I do check in for messages it will be nice not to have to see the same old shit I’m beyond sick of every time I land on the newsfeed, which I no longer bother to scroll through. I see what happens to be at the top of the feed and that’s it. People have proven to be repetitious by nature, as I myself can be, so there’s really no need to keep tabs on everything they post because I pretty much know them well enough to know what they’re going to post. Also, I was never into their games, so there really isn’t much to do there since one can only update their status and check in with others so often.

I went on a 15-minute walk, even though I know it should have been longer. I didn’t want to venture too far in case one of the nastier looking clouds decided to open up on me. It wasn’t dark yet but it was getting there. Some people were out walking their dogs.

The Twenties still aren’t around, but someone’s been in their house. Last night one of the bedroom lights was on and tonight it’s off. I hope nothings wrong with them. They’re nice people and good neighbors and I would hate to lose them for someone with dogs and motorcycles.

Tom was too sick to go to work today so he spent the day in bed. He was saying how he was spoiled by not getting many colds. Therefore, getting this cold really hit him hard. I get sick even less often, so I get what he’s saying. I haven’t been sick in years. I think the last time I was really sick was in 2012.


I can now post to my wall again. I swear I was just about to deactivate, LOL. Messenger seems to be up and running again as well.

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