Monday, April 10, 2017


I wish we could mute words/names on Facebook like we can on Twitter. I also wish we could comment privately on Facebook if we wanted like we can here. Facebook is so all or nothing. That's why I'm not there much. Really, do they want it to be easy to accidentally message the wrong person there?

I hit the Bowflex for a while and then I went out running. I love running after dark when there are less traffic and no landscaping noise to spoil the peace. There were just a couple of dog walkers.

Those earbud microphones really annoy me at times, though. I hear people talking as I approach them yet I can’t see the earbuds right away, so I think they’re talking to me.

Some people are already putting out their bulk trash that’s to be picked up on the 12th. We’re getting rid of the old mattress they left here, plus some other stuff.

Have some anxiety last night, but I’m fine today. Tom isn’t, though. He now has a full-blown cold. We’re pretty sure we got it at the same time, but with my kick-ass immune system, my body killed it like it usually does. It isn’t that I can’t get sick. I can. It’s just very rare.

Lastly, I want to thank those of you that have been there for me and have read me for months and even years. I always appreciate you keeping in touch and I have found much of your feedback to be very enlightening and inspiring. It's nice to know people care. So... Thanks!

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