Friday, April 7, 2017

The Calm After the Final Storm

After being on the go nonstop, I think I can finally write the entry I wanted to write hours ago.

First I want to thank my regular readers for keeping up with my boring, ordinary life, haha. I know I’ve got a ton of comments and questions on past entries to get to. I’ll get to them as soon as I can.

“Looking good,” said a guy walking his dog that I ran by a couple days ago.

Really? ‘Cause my mirror didn’t say that when I walked by it a little while ago. That’s okay; I’m still feeling good. Just a slightly scratchy throat today and a peculiar cut on the tip of my index finger.

Last night I thought the anxiety was going to make its way back because I felt a bit on edge, but just as I was considering a lorazepam, it faded away. I’ve been fine so far today.

Just ordered our groceries online. Walmart really pissed me off at first. I was glad to see they finally made their site faster, but in doing so they deleted our favorites, including what I had in the cart. Or so I thought. I accidentally signed into the wrong account.

We’re having our final cold snap and what should be our last storm until the fall. By May the browning effect will have set in, and by June I’ll be living it up in the pool. Tonight, however, I got my run out of the way just in time. When I got back there was thunder, hail and wind. It rained super hard at one point.

AlbumDown is an awesome Chrome extension that lets me download copies of my pins on my Pinterest boards, no matter what size the board is. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if Pinterest disappeared or someone hacked my account, but I did put nearly two years of work into building up my little collection, so it’s nice to have a backup copy on my drive as well as on my Amazon drive. This operation took me about 10 hours to do yesterday. I didn’t even write a word except for a quick journal entry that I thought was too mundane and boring to bother to share. Tonight I’ve got to catch up, though.

Last night I dreamed I was walking along a deserted beach when I saw a cat run up and grab a rat and carry it into the ocean. I yelled at the cat in hopes of scaring it into letting the rat go, but it ignored me.

I ran into the water nearly up to my waist and splashed furiously at the cat. I then grabbed the rat and was surprised it was still alive, although it was terrified, in shock and very weak. I wasn’t sure if it had a chance of survival, but I was going to see what I could do.

The cat followed us out of the water and tried to jump up and grab the rat from my hands. This time I kicked the cat not hard enough to harm it, but hard enough to cause it to run off scared.

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