Saturday, April 8, 2017

Tom's on a Losing Streak

Tom lost 4.5 pounds after week one of his diet where he has 100 cals every hour, plus one small meal. I’d try it myself with 75 cals an hour and a meal, but as he pointed out, he has 50-70 pounds to lose, not 30. So it’s not likely to work for me in the same way. It’d probably just mess my metabolism up some more, and guys always lose weight easier than women anyway. So I just keep doing what I have been doing… making sure I don’t gain. I keep active and go easy on the sugar, pasta and breads. Taking the day off from exercising today, though. It’s unseasonably cool and we’re still getting down in the 40s at night.

Tom injured his sciatic nerve again, but together we managed to change the rats’ cage. This deluxe $200 mansion of theirs is a bitch to keep up. Just so much work, but it's gotta be done.

Other than this we're just relaxing today. I think right now I'll go make some Skinny Girl popcorn (good tasting, good amount for 160 cals) and watch my show, Rectify.


  1. You ever put your stories out anywhere for a test run to see how people might like them? I write fiction too and I'm trying to think of a place to test them out on people other than my Facebook friends. I just want to have a good idea before I consider Amazon publication. Should I create a blog here and share them here?

  2. You can do what you want but I don't recommend sharing here. Too much of a ghost town here. I suggest, and also, don't be surprised if you don't make much money if Amazon publishes you. Few people make a lot of money writing but most don't make much at all. It's a very black-and-white field. Prosebox is a very active site and therefore a good way to see what people will like based on how many comments you get. People don't tend to comment if they don't like a story, but if they like it, they will say so. Locked-In was a "success," but 6 chapters posted of Rosemarie's Revenge and still no comments, LOL. Good luck to you, and always remember to write for yourself first and foremost! Money isn't everything. Sometimes it's good just to do something because you like it. :-)