Saturday, May 13, 2017

Are You a Psychopath?

Tom and I were discussing the rats and we both agree that while Burke and Simon could be related since rats can have a wide variety of markings and colors within the same litter, there’s no way Dumbo could be related. A top-eared rat simply can’t produce a Dumbo rat.

They were all waiting at their door for me to give them the bread I give them when I get up (they get their own loaves since I almost never eat bread), then later they were at the door to come out and play. I let them run around while I ate a huge salad and watched the last episode of Season 3 of Bosch. Then they went running home when I put the rest of the salad in their cage. So cute!

We’re waiting for the new locks to be delivered. We decided to go with one that was $107. This one has a code and will lock the doors automatically, but doesn’t have an alarm.

Tom is going to get another key made up for the Cadillac and then reprogram the chips in both keys.

We’re going to go somewhere on the 27th since the park is once again going to force live music on some of us that don’t want to hear the obnoxious thumping of bass in their homes for 4 or more hours. Why the fuck do they think we moved here? Well, it was supposedly to escape that kind of shit. I just worry this kind of thing is going to encourage more people to have loud car stereos in here. Hearing them on the freeway is annoying enough.

I was watching a documentary on what makes a person a psychopath. A lot of people think they’re crazy when in fact they do know right from wrong. The fact is that they’re incapable of feeling empathy, along with some other traits. Tom and I took this test at that tells you if you’re a psychopath or not.

I scored 2.something for primary psychopathy, and I think 1.8 for secondary. Both of his scores were the same… 1.something. So I’m closer to being a psychopath than he is, LOL. Some of the questions were tricky, though, like the one where they ask if you would hurt someone’s emotions to get what you wanted. Would I hurt someone I cared about? Absolutely not. But some rapist I don’t even know? Someone who’s fucked me over in the past? Charles Manson? Sure I would if I wanted it bad enough.

They say psychopaths are born rather than made, but I think in many ways I had less empathy 30 years ago, though it really depends on the situation and who’s involved. I don’t have the bleeding heart for some people that I used to 30 years ago.

On the other hand, I feel bad for some of the pranks that I pulled in the past. I could never egg a perfect stranger’s vehicle that never did a damn thing to me without feeling guilty. Yet I could do this 30 years ago without thinking twice.

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