Monday, May 8, 2017

Doll Restoration

Going to get cleaning in here as soon as there’s a little more sunlight. Went to Goodwill yesterday. Got a couple of dolls for about $6 total. Both are porcelain and both will be Cali dolls. I doubt I’ll take them when we move. One’s about 8” with painted blue eyes, a lovely purple floral dress, and a long blonde braid to her feet. Maybe some version of Rapunzel, I guess.

The other one is a 12” “kissing” doll. Her eyes are closed and her lips are pursed to give you a kiss. She has long blonde braids and came in an absolutely hideous dress which I changed when we got home and I cleaned her up.

Doll restoration is still a fun hobby for me as much as I complain about having more to dust. I only have half my collection of dolls and other knickknacks on display right now. I have hundreds of pieces collected over the last two decades. As is the case with most collectors, I don’t have everything out.

Even though my boobs aren’t sore and I’m not overly bloated, I am definitely PMSing. I’m tired even though I slept well enough not to remember my dreams, I’ve had back aches, I’m grouchy, I can’t get rid of my hunger no matter how much I eat, though reflexology helps a little bit, and I have light cramping that’s common before periods.

The morning sun has now hit the front of the house and I am going to make a goal of cleaning the entire house today.

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