Thursday, May 11, 2017

LA Comes to Sacramento

Los Angeles is coming to NorCal! As I think I mentioned before, we have a very large bedroom in which we added a divider to in order to create a little “retreat” of sorts in back. The rods are up, and at first I was considering getting these plain beige curtains made by the makers of the rods. Then I decided to look at scenic curtains. Wildflowers in a field along with a close-up of cherry blossoms were absolutely gorgeous, but I thought they might clash with the pink-purple floral blanket, so I decided to go with a scene of LA at night. More appropriate for a bedroom anyway. If I like the way this curtain looks I may get others in the future for variety… beaches, forests, flowers, etc.

I almost got the Manhattan cityscape, but felt that one was a little too lit up. Anyway, my city arrives tomorrow, along with a couple sets of sheer curtains that were much cheaper for the dining area and by the front door. Pink roses for the dining room, green willow vines for the other.

For the last three years I’ve had garden curtains in the dining room and a beach scene by the front door, so it’s time for a change.

What’s cool about the cityscape is that it’s not a drawing or computer-generated, but an actual photograph.

Been getting a lot of journal readers on Prosebox lately and I wonder why. It sure is interesting, though.

It was 67° in here when I got up at 8:30, and it’s getting down to 45° tonight. :-(

Where I was worried that my TSH would slip too low, now I’m a little worried that it’s on the rise again. Unfortunately I’m an experienced enough “Hashi” to know the symptoms. I’ve been very calm, had to stop and think a few seconds when asked my phone number, and I’m experiencing more fatigue, even though that could be a combination of PMS and perimenopause. My joints have also been stiffer lately and less flexible. I was zipping up and down the house yesterday afternoon doing stuff and I felt “heavier,” even though my weight hasn’t changed. My skin isn’t drier, though, and I’m not retaining water, experiencing a hoarse voice, or losing any hair.

If I do find out that my TSH has risen, I’m going to be more convinced that my anxiety might have had something to do with the lower TSH than just perimenopause alone. I’d love to see it lower with me this calm, though.

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