Friday, May 12, 2017

Lost Keys

I usually blog toward the beginning of my day, but it’s been a rather busy day. Let’s see… where shall I begin? I guess I’ll begin with Tom losing the keys. It was just a small key ring with the house key and the Caddy key, though it also had a remote not just to unlock the car doors but to start it like if it’s a cold morning and you want to warm it up.

He noticed he couldn’t find his keys on his way to work this morning. Fortunately, he had a spare car key. He was able to lock the house by getting the backup key out of the lockbox. Thank God we were smart enough to get that lockbox, too!

We went over it a million times in our minds and we’re totally stumped as to where they could be. The most likely scenario is that they fell out of his pocket when he was taking the trash out yesterday or picking up the mail. Our only concern is that while many people here have luxury cars, most of them seem to be Infinity or Lexus models, not Cadillacs. So if someone picked up the keys at the side of the road or even down by the mailboxes, well, we’re the only Caddy on the circle as far as we know. I would think they would be more likely to steal the car than enter the house if anyone was going to do anything. We don’t have insurance to cover the car being stolen, but if God forbid it is, we’ll just buy a new car the next day. I just hope that if anybody does try anything, they do it when I’m awake so I can show them a whole lot of crazy followed by some busted fingers. The cherry on top of that would be a broken neck.

Since it’s unlikely the house is haunted and a ghost stole them, or that someone would break in while we were asleep just to steal keys, our guess is that someone picked them up that fortunately isn’t a thief. There is a slight possibility someone came in while I was sleeping (I wouldn’t hear it over the sound machine) thinking no one was home, then got scared off when they saw the bedroom door shut and realized someone was home. But I highly doubt they would lock the door behind them on the way out. We’re hoping they were turned into the office. We’ll call them Monday, but regardless, this is given us tech fanatics the incentive to get high-tech locks, so we don’t have to carry keys when we go out walking or wherever. We had a few options actually.

We could spend no money at all and just switch them back out to the originals, since the previous owner, who’s got to have one foot in the grave by now, isn’t going to wait 4 years to break in.

For $100 we could get locks where you enter a 4-digit code, but still requires you to flip the dead bolt.

For $174 we could get one that also has a 4-digit code but that engages the lock on its own after 30 seconds.

So we discussed these three options and the winner is option number two. It’ll be $200, of course, because we have two doors.

I asked Bob and Virginia if by any chance they happened to find any keys, and not surprisingly, they haven’t. They’d be the first ones to ask if the keys were ours if they had.

A couple their age was visiting when I went over. Virginia said that Bob was about to come and see me, so I left Virginia to their company and Bob and I went outside. In the front corner of their place next to ours, they have these little sections where they’re growing tomatoes. Just above it beyond the retaining wall on our side are these things coming up that Bob said get “fuzzy” and blow all over the place, and so he asked if he could trim them. He said they recently sprouted up. I told him he could do anything he wanted and asked if he wanted us to do anything in particular. He said not at all because he’s not only home all the time and looking for things to do, but he gets that Tom’s busy working. Yeah, and I’m afraid to work with spiders and bees, LOL.

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