Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Things I'll Never Get

My hair, which hasn’t been cut in years, now gives me headaches when I put it up for too long. Hmm… cut it off or stop putting it up?

If only Social Fixer didn’t come with glitches. The news is a sure way to bring a person down. Some guy in another country having to do two years for blasphemy because his opinion didn’t conform to popular opinion, a teenager arrested for assault, etc. And you know what’s sad? The teenager is probably only going to get a slap on the wrist as he would if he were an adult. I’ll never get why people care more about what you say, think and believe as opposed to what you do. So much for the old adage about actions speaking louder than words, right?

I saw a comment about religion being the worst slave master ever and I couldn’t agree with that more. If only the God fantasy were never created right along with religion. Religion gets in the way of so many things and has been the root cause for so much delusion and destruction in this world.

But everybody wants to control people, so I wonder… if that load of bullshit hadn’t been created, would people have come up with something else? Some other excuse to control people so they can feel oh so powerful and superior?

Here’s another thing I don’t get… when people don’t get what they want in life they often shrug and say, “Oh, God has other plans for me.”

But even if there was a God (and I personally don’t see the scientific evidence to support that fantasy, belief, delusion or whatever you want to call it), it’s your life, so shouldn’t you be the one making your own plans?

God or not, life is rarely what we plan it, though what we end up with isn’t always a bad thing either. But still… what’s the point of creating a bunch of beings and writing a life script for them while those very people you scripted are arguing that they, in fact, have all this free will that they don’t really have? Sure, I can choose whether or not I want to wear pink lipstick today or red lipstick. But that doesn’t mean I can choose to strike it rich or grow wings and fly. So I don’t think we have as much control as we sometimes like to think we do; I just don’t know if our destinies really are shaped and planned by any invisible entity. Most likely it’s just random happenstance.

Okay, enough God/religion talk, along with life’s injustices, and onto these damn tile floors. We made a HUGE mistake in getting these sticky tiles. Part of it is our fault because it specifically said not to stick them to linoleum that has a slight texture to it. They can only be stuck to very smooth surfaces. In time we’re just going to slap down laminate flooring like we should have to begin with. I’m considering this the practice house so we can get things right the next time around whether it’s in Florida, Nevada or Hawaii.

Fell asleep early because I cleaned the whole house in one day which took over four hours and did a bunch of other stuff I don’t usually do all in the same day. Sure enough, that fucking car woke me up at 10 PM or so. I swear to God (imaginary or not) if they’re not out of here soon…

The house is still listed for 130K, but the one next to it dropped 5K. Yesterday I could have sworn I saw a moving truck head over there. There are several throughout the park that are for sale, some going for close to $200,000.

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