Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nancy Disgrace

I’m in a lazy mood right now. Not tired, but not exactly energetic either.

As I said I would, I circled around the block and found the same three cars at the house that’s still for sale, including the loud one.

Lost a pound in 3 days since starting the new diet, but I don’t expect to lose more than a total of 5 pounds. With my metabolism the way it is, treated or not, my body just won’t give up the weight. Not unless I get horribly sick or anxious. No thanks! I’ll keep the extra 30 pounds. This should definitely help keep my weight where it’s at, though. I love being able to eat every hour 8 times. The only catch is that in order to be able to do that I can only eat for 8 hours of the day, so that’s why I trim the first 4 hours off my day and also the last 4 hours. He thinks I’ll gradually keep losing, but we’ll see.

He’s lost over 10 pounds on his own diet where he cut himself to about 1700 - 1800 cals a day from nearly 3000. But he’s a male and he doesn’t have Hashimoto’s either.

A couple of times since my last period in mid-March I started to retain water and I felt like I was gearing up for another period, but then I would lose the water. If I can get to his birthday without a period, that’ll be a record breaker for me.

Since finishing up Bosch on Amazon, I’ve been watching the final season of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.  I know the show is geared towards teens, but it’s packed with so many surprises, twist and turns, and I really like the nonstop action and guessing, as opposed to your typical predictable kind of show were you pretty much know how it’s going to end.

Really excited for the return of Twin Peaks on Showtime! That was one of the best shows ever made. Totally unique, eccentric, mysterious and unpredictable.

Sometimes I watch Real Stories documentaries on YouTube. Well, I was always aware of who Elizabeth Smart was, but yesterday I learned the details when I saw her case. I was appalled by the way some reporters handled the case, especially Nancy Grace. What a fucking vulture the way she would persistently pry the poor girl for information she clearly didn’t want to discuss. “Nancy Disgrace” would be a more appropriate name for the heartless bitch. She had no empathy whatsoever during the interview and even appeared to be amused. She calls herself a victim’s rights advocate but she seems more of a bully to me. The way she handled the Jodi Arias case (not that I’m even remotely close to being an Arias supporter), reminded me of high school. Here you had this “popular” person openly bashing the underdog. It wasn’t the fact that she reported details of the case, but how she went about it that disgusted me. She would constantly express her dislike an even a hatred for Jodi, but at the same time it was like she was obsessed with her. If she doesn’t give a shit about these perps, which I truly understand, she should at least think of their families and grow up a little. Runner up to the actual victim, I felt bad for Arias’s mother and the blatant lack of respect the woman was shown all in the name of “entertainment.” I would still rather see her go Girl Interrupted on someone like Arias, though, than pick and tear at a victim’s sensitive wounds like she did with Smart.

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