Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pages vs. Groups

Decided to temporarily stop posting to my Facebook group because I’ve discovered that pages are so much more fun. The biggest thing is that it lets me schedule future posts. The more I schedule, the more it’s like having a self-publishing page that publishes itself with little work on my part. It’s so cool. And addicting. I can now totally see how Andy got so hooked on doing this sort of thing. Every three hours pictures will post in groups of four. Each cluster will have a theme… beaches, rats, kids, dogs, trees, wildlife, etc. The link to it is

Lost the water I was retaining after my stupid body made its third attempt to generate a period and failed. I’m glad it failed; I just wish it would stop trying in the first place. Come on, I’m 51.5 years old!

Got caught up on my sleep and should be able to go out for a walk later on. That’s pretty much it for now so… later!

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