Monday, May 15, 2017

Partial Fasting Diet

When the new Miss USA was asked if she thought health insurance was a right or a privilege, she answered with the latter. Actually, both those answers are wrong. It’s a necessity.

Tom forgot to stop at the office to see if they have the keys before they closed. Meanwhile, he went to see if he could have new ones made up (for the car) and they wanted $80 for just one. Totally ridiculous since we could get two for $12 on Amazon.

A while back I was doing a partial fasting diet where I didn’t eat for the first 8 hours of my day. Then I could pretty much have what I wanted for the rest of the day as long as I worked out. This particular diet is not only bad for my metabolism, but I would get dizzy from it, so I decided on a better version of it. Instead of fasting 8 hours at once I’ll split it up. Assuming I’m up for 16 hours on average, I won’t eat the first 4 hours of my day or the last 4 hours of my day. That way I only have to space my food out over an 8-hour period.

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