Monday, May 15, 2017


When I asked him the other day if he thought I could be losing hearing in my good ear like I at least think I might be, he said, “I told you you’ve been losing hearing ever since we met.”

LOL, well so does everybody over nearly a quarter-century. I’ve noticed, though, that I’m playing my music a little louder, having more trouble hearing in background noise, and I didn’t even hear the washer the other day. We have a front loader, which is quieter than top loaders. As I walked by the laundry room I thought, wow, it’s quiet in there, and I wondered if the park turned off the water for a second. Once I stepped into the room and in front of it, I could hear it going.

I’ve wanted to try Poopouri, so I got a small bottle when we got our last Amazon order. They sure have some funny names for different scents like Poo La La, Trap a Crap, and others. I got the tropical one but it smells more like citrus to me. I always like to try things, though I think common air freshener is the best bet. It’s cheaper and you have a better selection of fragrances that way.

It’s funny because I went to order the lavender vanilla and it came up saying that it couldn’t ship to this area. I was like what, do they think our shit doesn’t stink or something? So I had to get the tropical hibiscus.

He’s building a little spy camera to put in the carport. The round case he printed on the 3-D printer is so cool, and he’s using magnets to hold it together.

We transferred some songs that I thought would be suitable for running to my smartphone. I have been using the old phone because it’s small, but I like having a phone I can call out on if I wanted to.

I was sleeping just fine until a nightmare woke me up a few hours later. I had to take a lorazepam (this bottle of 60 has lasted me since July 9 and I still have 20 more) to relax myself enough to fall back asleep.

In the dream Tom and I were home and for once the house looked like this house. The only difference was that the walls were made of curtains. I walked down the hallway and into the living room when I noticed the front door standing wide open.

“Someone’s here!” I shouted to Tom as he headed towards me.

I quickly turned around to make sure no one was standing behind me in the dining area, and no one was.

Then Tom said, “There they are!”

I asked him where and he pointed to the curtain at the side of the door. Then I saw the guy’s shadow as he began to run around the house towards the back. I quickly spun around to dash out the back door and try to catch the guy. I glanced behind me for a split second, noticing that he didn’t seem as eager as I was. I awoke in pursuit of the bastard, whoever they were.

Well, as far as cracking our codes in real life, good luck with that!

Finished Season 3 of Bosch on Amazon, so now I'm watching Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.

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