Friday, May 12, 2017

Port Elizabeth, Africa

I rarely type anymore having been spoiled by speech to text. But my Mac’s microphone, which is plugged into a 32” TV that I use as a monitor, is a few feet away from where I sit. It still does a good job, but I find that inserting an ear bud with a microphone makes it even more accurate. This way I can also talk softer when Tom’s sleeping even if he’s the heaviest sleeper I know and the bedroom is nowhere near where I’m sitting.

Today I have good energy, but yesterday I had horrible fatigue. So, since reflexology helps with hunger, I looked on YouTube for something that would help with that. You press a particular area of the foot and it truly does seem to give you a burst of energy. It didn’t give me as much as I would have liked, but it helped. There’s also a point at the base of the thumb that stimulates the thyroid, but as easy as I go thyrotoxic?

No. Fucking. Way.

The LA cityscape drapes arrived today and they’re awesome! I picked out half a dozen or so more designs and put them in the ‘save for later’ section on Amazon, so I can have a good variety. Because they’ve got pockets for rods instead of grommets, we had to use drape hooks for them, given the type of room divider rods they hang from. They’re technically for sliders, so if our next place has one, that’s where they’ll go. You can pretty much use them anywhere. Wall tapestries… whatever.

When I think of life’s annoyances, like the fact that that fucking car that’s insanely loud came and went four times in less than five hours, I think of the documentary I saw last night and realize I don’t have it nearly as bad as I could have it. It was filmed in Port Elizabeth, Africa and it talked about how the crime rate is so outrageously high there, how every other girl is raped, how poor of the law, health care, schooling, housing and basically everything is there. You’ve got whole families living in these tiny little shacks without electricity or plumbing, and it’s like OMFG! Losing keys is nothing.

Happy first birthday to my ratties! The crazy assholes we got them from said they were actually born on the 13th, so close enough.

They’re so cute the way they play when they’re out loose, and then run home after a while when they hear me putting treats in their cage.

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