Sunday, May 7, 2017


CRD worsens with age. I could keep a schedule for longer periods in my 20s, but once I hit my 30s there was no stopping it from jumping an hour or two a day. So on top of that, plus being a light sleeper and the perimenopause and the loud traffic, I now have a worse case of insomnia as well where I’m up 18 or more hours. Even so, I did manage to catch up on my sleep last night. It felt so good, too!

We got our groceries yesterday and I wasn’t happy to see that the 1 pound of bananas I ordered turned out to be 3 pounds. We later found that they didn’t charge us for the extra, so now we’ve got a lot of free bananas sitting here. I wouldn’t eat them all even if I could before they spoiled because bananas are major fart food. Eat too many and you’ll have the gas from hell.

Reflexology really does seem to help with hunger suppression. It certainly takes the edge off of it unless you’re absolutely famished. You just have to do it regularly. I’m doing a little experiment today. I can’t go too many hours without eating because I get dizzy and it’s not good for an active person whose metabolism is already fucked up, but I am trying to go from three hours to five hours between eating, and eat three times a day instead of five or six.

In one of last night’s dreams, I was standing out front by what was supposed to be our house. There was a little fence surrounding our front yard and I was standing by it watching the neighbor I don’t have in real-life put something into the back of a truck. I said hello to him and he shuffled over to me and said something in audible.

Then Andy was in some dream where we were both standing by my desk. I wanted to sit in the chair but he was in the way. I playfully said, “Move over here, you big lug,” and I nudged him to the side.

Then I was getting my back massaged by a kneading cat.

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