Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sewer Golf

Tom and I got a lot done over the weekend and we even went out walking. Still not very good at sewer golf, LOL. That’s where our feet become golf clubs and we try to kick little pebbles into the sewers along the way. They carry rain and irrigation water down to the ditch.

It was my turn to lose something… almost. Dusk isn’t a good time to go out because there are a lot of gnats flying around, so I waited until after 9pm. Fewer people, less traffic. Headed out in the usual direction and realized I didn’t need my glasses since my long-range vision is still fairly decent. It’s seeing close-up and making out detail that’s hard for me. But I could practically run around this park blindfolded, that’s how well I know it. I broke into a run at my usual point, swung around the lake and was heading up the hill when I realized they were no longer tucked into my waistband. My music must’ve drowned out the sound of them hitting the pavement. So I backtracked, figuring they would be where I was running the most, and they were. It wouldn’t have been the end of the world if I couldn’t find them. I have another pair, plus my progressives.

It was so nice stepping out the door on the way out and just pressing the ‘lock’ button, and then pressing it again to light up the number pad on my way back in. No more keys. :-) The new locks do have a keyhole in them in case the electronics fail. We may like technology, but we don’t trust it. We’re no longer using the knobs since those use the old keys. To help get out of the habit of using them, I put a piece of tape over them.

We got same-day delivery on the locks and Tom installed them on both doors. You can have a code that’s between 4-8 digits, which we’ll change periodically. A tiny light blinks amber when the doors are locked, green when they’re unlocked, red when the batteries are low, and some other color if you make a mistake punching in the code. There’s also an option to have the doors auto-lock 30 seconds after they’re shut. We chose to use this feature on the front door because we don’t use that door as much as the back. All you would have to do is just turn the knob to unlock it if it did lock, but this way it’ll be easier when we’re bringing in groceries or something like that. You would think the thing would be smart enough not to lock the door when it was open, but we totally love them just the same. Maybe we’ll even take them with us when we move someday. We’ve got the old locks stored in a box in the utility room, plus the locks that were here when we first moved in.

It also came with a special tool to rekey the locks. We put each lock’s spare key, along with a key to the knobs, in the lock box. The other set of those same keys is in the utility room. He’s still going to stop by the office on the way home tomorrow to see if anyone turned in the keys we lost.

The Walmart he went to doesn’t do spare keys, but once we get a new spare key for the Caddy, he can erase the memory and then re-program the new key along with the other old key.

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