Monday, May 1, 2017


Some asshole used one of my email addresses to sign-up for SiriusXM in which I got two emails asking me to confirm, but I let Sirius know that it wasn’t me. Why would anyone want to sign-up for anything with someone else’s email address anyway when you can’t confirm and verify the account???

I was LMAO the other night because while the weather in Massachusetts may be similar to ours, our old place in Oregon is still getting into the 20s at night, haha.

Went out to Walgreens at about 1:30 last night, but all we got were treats. I’ve never heard of caramel M&Ms until I spotted them so I decided to try them. The cashier said they were the best M&Ms ever, but we thought they were just so-so.

I really miss having a deep fryer, but I won’t let myself get one because I know that I’ll get carried away with all that fried fatty food that isn’t good for me. Bad for cholesterol, heartburn and weight. I believe in those that say that food was meant to nourish the body, not be stuffed into it in unhealthy excess, and that’s exactly what I’d end up doing if I had one, LOL. Sure do miss those fried chicken wings and French fries, but what I don’t miss is cleaning the damn thing. That was such a pain.

After yesterday evening’s 2-mile run I had a walnut cranberry salad, and after tonight’s I had some grapes. The two things that feels great after a run is a shower and some fresh fruit.

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