Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tiles, Utensils & Alexa

Two more months and we’ll have lived here for four years. It’s both quieter and not since we moved in. Next door has been quieter. It’s not the neighbors that are noisy, it’s the traffic and landscaping. I’d say the neighbors have been quieter, the landscaping is the same (nearly every day), but traffic is much worse. More motorcycles and loud vehicles in general.

Next door has been quiet, Geri sometimes has company and I can hear them doing her yard or loading and unloading things from their truck, but she’s otherwise quiet. Her dog gets annoying at times when she’s walking it, but she’s a good neighbor. Trisha is quiet, and the only time I heard noise from the “Twenties” was when they were having their place tented for termites. As for the people behind us, they’re quiet, whoever they are. We never met.

I started off yesterday with the same major fatigue I’m feeling right now, but after I had a salad I perked right up. I don’t have any more salad at the moment. What am I going to do, though… have fatigue and lightheadedness in the spring and summer and then anxiety in the fall and winter? I had this kind of fatigue start up around this time last year. I normally have the energy of a two-year-old and I would like to feel that most days like I used to… without the anxiety. It’s been a few months without anxiety, which is great, but I’m not ready to assume I’m done with that anymore than I’m ready to assume I’m done with periods.

Anyway, once I perked up I did a lot around here. Since those sticky tiles we got won’t work on our linoleum floors, I decided to stick them on the back wall of the closet to brighten it up in there and make the clothes stand out better. I hate dark paneling. I thought it would look kind of tacky and silly at first but it actually looks pretty good. So now the tiles won’t go to waste and I have about 17 left over. I can totally see how they can only be used on smooth surfaces.

I also sorted through our kitchen utensils, weeding out what was either old or not needed, and then reorganizing the rest before returning the stuff to their drawers.

Although we can’t ever imagine Tammy having any form of Alexa because she and Mark just aren’t the tech fanatics we are, the newest video version of her has an interesting feature called “drop in” where she could just say something like, “Drop in on Jodi,” and if I happen to be within hearing range, I could answer. Pretty damn cool.

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