Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Unfortunately Tom had to spend his birthday working, but early in the morning before he took off, we went to Walgreen's for some treats. Along with that I got a box of Amberen which is said to help with both peri and menopausal symptoms. Furthermore, unlike Estroven, they say they have no side effects. Took my first dose after eating and shortly afterwards I became warm and drowsy and I might have panicked had it not been for Stacey. It could have been just a coincidence. I do still feel flushed at times and sometimes I just get tired. Time will tell, but I'd rather the drowsiness than the anxiety which is sprinkled with occasional depression lately. Still worried that more of it is from my medication than the peri, but we'll eventually find this out.

I got another period today, and I'm guessing they probably won't stop until I'm 52-53.

Amberen says symptoms should be noticeably better in less than 30 days but to give it 90 days to really take effect. They have an email address as well as a number you can call to talk to someone about adjusting your regiment if you need to later on. It's expensive shit at 40 bucks a month, but I'll pay a grand a month just to keep that horrible anxiety and depression away. I'd sell everything I have and I just might even return to a horribly cold, snowy climate, that's how awful a feeling it is. Feeling great so far. :)

I also got another "dancing flower." One of those plastic flowers in a plastic flower pot that has a little solar panel on it. Light hitting it makes the flowers dance. Love these things! I got one at the dollar store a while back with purple flowers in a square pink "box." The one I got last night costed $3 and has a large pink flower with two large leaves in a round red pot with white polka dots.

Finally managed to set up two additional Twitter accounts, so now I have a total of three. One has my real name and that will be for regular everyday things, but the other two are in names I randomly drew from a random name generator site. "Nora's" will be for private things and is therefore private and will not accept any follow requests. "Chelsea" will be to document my health and emotions and I left that one public. This way things are better organized and it makes it easier to use as a reference when I want to look something up.

Had another Rosemarie dream last night. We met at some kind of function somewhere. Both of us seemed to know who the other was and we didn't seem to harbor any hard feelings toward each other either. I'm not sure if I was alone at the function or not, but we eventually agreed that I would go with her to someplace. I offered to give her a little gas money and she declined saying that I could just buy her something to eat instead. I said that would be no problem, not at all fearing that she might have ill intentions in mind or anything like that.

In the next part of the dream Tom, Rosemarie, someone Rosemarie knew, and myself were all at the restaurant. We sat in a booth that formed a half-moon with she and I being close to the isle. I was looking good that night and I knew it. I wore one of my most flattering dresses that enhanced my exercise-lifted chest and slimmed my waist. My hair and makeup were done to perfection and I noticed her noticing me even though I pretended not to. During the conversation it kept coming out that I was "smart" in various ways which I was both pleased and annoyed by. I was pleased that it seemed to impress Rosemarie, who was just as beautiful as she was years ago, but annoyed because I don't like to let on that I know some things I know because it may be easier to use to my advantage in the future if need be. Despite feeling somewhat flattered I didn't seem to have any desire to pursue a friendship with Rosemarie.

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