Monday, June 12, 2017

Flashing Eyes and Advice from Stacey

Good God, there really is always something, isn’t there? Just like past times we’ve reapplied the Return to Sender spell, things didn’t get better right away. It usually takes a week.

Meanwhile, my eyes started “flashing” and shimmering in a circular section. I’m not sure if it was in both eyes or not but I could see this flashing in a portion of my vision. This happened a while back too, and the eye doctor I mentioned it to said something about getting a headache afterward, but I didn’t. I don’t think it’s anything serious like a detached retina. I noticed slight flashing the last two days, but today it was prominent and it started so fast. My vision was normal one second and then it was flashing the next. I could see the flashing even with my eyes closed. Fortunately, it only lasted a few minutes as it slipped downward and out of my range of sight, so to speak. But yeah, it sort of collapsed downward.

My anxiety started picking up again and so I called Stacey, but we could only talk for a few minutes because a patient came in. I’ll call her some other time if I decide that yes, I want to make an appointment for sure.

I told her I almost reached my goal and was just two weeks shy of breaking a record as far as when I last had any significant anxiety. As I also told her, my life hasn’t been perfect every single day since I last saw her when I had anxiety in January, but overall life was good until this month. Did she have any advice for me?

She asked if anything happened to trigger it, and I said no, and that we still believed it was perimenopause. I told her about my visit with Doc C and how the clonidine didn’t help. She asked if I was still active and if I had anything to distract myself with. I told her I was doing the usual activities both physical and not.

Then she asked if I’d ever seen a homeopathic doctor. I haven’t, and it’s definitely something to consider despite my lack of trust in medication with me being so prone to side effects and all that. The natural herbs they use are supposed to be safer, though.

She asked what I’ve been doing to try to help my anxiety, and I told her I’ve been resorting to the usual hacks and anything else I can think of, but they don’t seem to help with this particular type of anxiety, and of course, the lorazepam no longer works. I don’t even get drowsy from the stuff anymore.

She reminded me that if I can have times where I’m not anxious, I can get back to that place again. Yes, I know this, but sometimes it’s hard to believe it will ever really happen and for more than just a few months. Maybe it really is time to consider it a homeopathic doctor. Anyone ever see one? Were they helpful?

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