Thursday, June 29, 2017

Privacy, Please

As I've said before, I never cared to see what my Facebook friends “like” or comment on because they’re not talking to me and therefore I don't see why it should be any of my business. I also never liked that they could see activity of mine that didn't pertain to them or that I didn’t post to my wall.

But what about those that follow you around on other sites not thinking you know it until they either later decide to tell you about it or you let them know you know they’re there? Does this creep you out? Even though I'm not doing or saying anything wrong on any of these sites, it feels strange to be followed like that. Should I be flattered that some people are that interested and curious? Or should I become suspicious about the way they sometimes go about it in "secretive" ways, not realizing that some of us are more observant than they give them credit for? I just wonder why some of these people don't speak up right away and say something like, "Hey, this seems like a really nice site. Thought I would join too."

Makes me wonder if they’re looking for something in particular, something they might not expect to see if they didn't think I knew they were around.

Anyway, I was initially going to have the Twitter account I use as a health tracker be public, but since it is just a health tracker and not a means of socializing I figured I would go private. All I'm going to do is record how I slept and how I felt before I go to bed. Then I have the account for anything I think should be private no matter what it's about, and then my everyday public account. “Stalk” me and find it on your own or ask me for the link. :)

Decided not to get anymore alcohol after the 4-pack of wine coolers didn't do anything to make me feel better. All alcohol seems to do is make me drowsy. No thanks. I suffer enough fatigue at times like when I don't sleep well. I felt okay yesterday and today. Just a little tired because I didn't sleep too great and my period is really heavy now. At least that much is a sign that I can't be too low on thyroid, since low thyroid causes short, wimpy periods.

Because Tom has now been at his job for five years, he was given a little catalog of gifts to choose from and he chose a black backpack/laptop bag that has a lot of compartments for various things.

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