Friday, June 2, 2017

The Opposite of Yesterday

Trump, food, God, religion, politics, other assholes… maybe we’ll get to hear about other subjects more often one of these days soon. Till then… today I’m just the opposite of yesterday. Where yesterday I was exhausted with the double whammy of perimenopause and PMS, today I have lots of energy and motivation. Of course, I still worry about the anxiety returning, especially when I feel a bit on edge like I did last night. While the EMDR has made some things easier (certain things seem less scary and you become desensitized in a sense so you don’t get as emotional), a medical scare can make some things harder. The slightest off feeling and I get worried something could be wrong. In the past, I would simply notice it, but now it causes me to worry. Oh well. Something I gotta work on, I guess.

Tammy let me know she was alive and thinking of me on Facebook, and then I noticed I could no longer schedule groups of four pictures to my page. Now I can only schedule single pics. I can still do it in a way that doesn’t cause me to have to see any more of the news feed than I already do, thus continue to be annoyed by all the repetition out there.

Last night I dream Tammy and I were staying in a hotel somewhere. We went down to the hotel’s restaurant and they kept messing up my order. I had to send the damn thing back twice. Tammy went to use the restroom when a now snotty waitress handed me my plate a third time, which contained barely half of what I ordered.

I got up to find where the waitress had run off to and found her sitting at a table with her hands covering her face in an attempt to hide from me. “I know it’s you,” I told her, but she ignored me.

I would never do this in real life, but finally fed up, I threw the plate across the restaurant like a Frisbee. I then ran toward the restroom where Tammy had emerged from and told her to hurry up and follow me to the room because we had to go, promising to explain what happened in the car. So my disabled sister managed to keep up with me at about 6 MPH back to the room. Just when I thought she was packing things in the bathroom, she starts taking a shower. I was irritated because I wanted to leave before they got a chance to kick us out, LOL.

I guess I was young and single in another dream because I was involved in some dating service or something like that. I went to meet a woman at her apartment and I found her to be an immediate turn-off. Not just because she was a smoker but also because she had a cigarette in *both* hands. Yeah, a definite turn-off.

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