Tuesday, July 25, 2017

3-D Pen

I've lost a pound so far, but I expect the rest to come off very slowly if they even come off at all. It should take years doing this method, but I'm in no hurry. Doing this has gotten me to see that I was definitely eating more than I realized. I was probably closer to 2000 calories a day as opposed to 1500.

Still feeling calm and sleeping well, although last night I did awake with a nightmare. Tom and I were giving me an injection of some kind. I hesitated and wondered if we should tell the doctor something up front, though I'm not sure what I wanted to tell them. But we went ahead and injected whatever it was and it made my heart race. I woke up with my heart racing a little for real and felt warm too, but I settled down and returned to sleep after I used the bathroom.

My GYN responded to my message and said to stop using the steroid gel and we'll reevaluate the situation when I see her, saying that every now and then it can cause inflammation of the skin. NOW she tells me, but yeah, I stopped last week. I could tell it was caused by the gel, just like I could tell the thyroid meds were causing me to feel anxious.

Tom's 3-D pen came yesterday and it's pretty cool. He did a little tree his first time around and it was funny because the bottom was bright lime green while the top was the color of pasta and tomato sauce. It was funny because it almost looked like a clump of angel hair pasta that someone squirted ketchup on. He's got more filament with more colors arriving today, along with my dark brown Swarzstar coloring shampoo. It's supposed to be a lot easier to use, a lot less messy, a lot quicker, and a lot gentler on the hair.

The reason it was so quiet here yesterday was that the workers were finishing up further down the street. Tuesdays are usually bad for landscaping, though, so I'm sure I'll hear enough of that at some point. I've already heard some things around here.

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