Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Warm & Peaceful Sunday

I'm once again thinking of discontinuing Blogger because it's so much easier to manage one place for journals, and this is my preferred platform these days. I won't delete the Blogger blog, but I'll leave it sitting there along with LiveJournal and my-diary.

Right now I'm waiting for it to cool down another 10° so I can go out for a quick run. In some ways, this climate is worse for outdoor exercising than Oregon was. It rains more here and it gets hotter. It might actually be easier to run through snow and ice, not that I would ever want to live in such a cold, snowy climate ever again.

We went swimming before 9 PM last night and the water was disappointingly chilly. There were half a dozen people there too, but all adults.

It was a surprisingly quiet Sunday. We did some things around the house and we also went to Raley's.

I thought the washer hose was clogged but when Tom went to check it out he said there was hardly anything there.

He sprayed the outside of the house because these big fat creepy looking spiders have been showing up in here.

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