Friday, July 28, 2017

Asphalt Filled

Been keeping busy with Grammarly, correcting old journals, stories, bios and other things. The number of typos and other errors it's catching is both shocking and disappointing. I realize, though, that with so much content they're bound to be found.

They came and filled in the asphalt today. I didn't hear much and I didn't smell anything. This doesn't mean it's always peaceful. Still gotta hear the usual landscaping and traffic.

Not too long ago I mentioned the house behind us driving me crazy all day long with cutting trees and shrubs in front of their place. You could barely see their doors or windows because it had become so overgrown. Well, now I could thank them for that annoying day which turned out to be very worth it because it's backed off the woodpeckers. The wind usually blows toward the back of the house and I was beginning to suspect whatever the woodpeckers were after was coming from their property. I realized yesterday that I hadn't heard them in a while. Hopefully, they'll keep up on it and not let it get so overgrown again.

I washed my long hair for the last time in what should be a while as I still plan to get it cut tomorrow.

Using a Rolaids bottle as a mold, Tom made a little cup with some of the dull original colors that the 3D pen came with. The bright green is okay, but I still say the yellow looks like angel hair pasta and the red looks like ketchup. He ordered a better variety of filament colors, including my favorites, pink and purple.

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