Friday, July 21, 2017

Boats on the Lake

"Anyone can experience mental health problems, no matter how good or bad life may appear. You should not compare your experience to others."

This was written by a fellow blogger. Well, as I learned once I entered perimenopause, no, something bad doesn't have to be going on in life in order for you to feel bad. Fortunately, though, I've been doing well since cutting back the thyroid meds, something I may have to do every few months as accumulation occurs, until menopause.

My only real complaint today is what I've been complaining about for most of my adult life... noise. I talked to one of the workers and he said they should be done by Tuesday at the latest. Yeah, but then the park or someone else around here will just go and do something else. It's just fucking ridiculous that at age 51, I still haven't found a peaceful place to live. If you can't find it in an adult community, where can you find it? I totally believe without a doubt that my quest for a peaceful place to live is forever out of reach. That's gotten way beyond obvious at this point, so I might as well be open to apartments and condos as well as houses in the future. Sure, some places are certainly worse than others. Norwich was worse than Klamath Falls, and Phoenix was worse than here. But noise is noise in the end and I'm obviously not going to escape it no matter where I live. Rural, city, suburbs... it'll follow me anywhere.

The loudest part of this irrigation project has definitely been when they cut holes in the road. But then they have something that makes a low grinding, rumbling sound that they run on and off.

It's just bullshit. Totally ridiculous that there's always something going on no matter where I go, but I might as well just accept it, embrace it, and get used to it because it ain't going away.

Finally decided to check out what Friday's Boats on the Lake is all about, but when I rode down there nothing was going on. Some people were sitting on the bench and others were hanging by their cars, but it was too hot to wait around. Fortunately I have very strong legs and I was able to pedal back here in just a few minutes despite the hilly terrain, probably faster than the speed limit in here allows for.

Another thing to piss me off was that my bike is fucked up. The gears kept clicking and slipping. Oh, to have the address of the person who stole my beautiful Cruiser!

Other than noisy projects and faulty gears, life is running smoothly. Not sure what we're doing this weekend.

Except for a few days since starting the Amberen nearly a month ago, I've slept well. Not sure if there's a connection or not or if I'm going to get another month's supply. I have another week to decide. But yeah, I'm sleeping so much better I barely remember my dreams anymore.


  1. I had a bike stolen once to. Really pissed me off. Hey you said in another post of yours how you blocked people that blocked you on Facebook. Can I ask you about that? Who were they, how many, why did you block them?

    1. I blocked 4 accounts known to have blocked me. Some were trolls, some were spammers, some I tried to reconcile with but that didn’t work out. I don’t want them to change their minds later on and think we can still be buddies again. I’ve always felt that if someone doesn’t want to reconcile when you do, but then has a change of heart later on down the road, they most likely have ulterior motives. I just don’t want to have to worry about that. :-)

      How it’s done: If you go into your settings and then the blocking section you will see a little space to insert their email address or name. When you see their name and profile picture appear, you just select the block option.