Friday, July 14, 2017

Crayons, Shirts & Recorders

The scented crayons for my group came and I personally think they all smell the same. It's a nice smell, though, much like a candle shop.

My new shirt arrived as well and at first I was like, whoa, this isn't tight but it's clingy! So I got Tom's opinion on it when he came home and he likes it. It definitely - uhem - shows off the exercise-lifted assets.

I'm excited to start voice blogging again on Tumblr. The question is whether or not I want to share or keep it to myself. I plan to discuss a mix of past and present experiences, as well as just life in general, assuming I don't have any tech issues driving me crazy like last time. Since it's not an all or nothing blog like Blogger and it lets me choose the security settings of each individual entry, I may do a mix of public and private stuff.

I won't use full names unless it's a famous person or some kind of public figure, of course, and doctors' names will be reduced to initials. Well I say anything negative about anyone? That depends on the person and whether or not they're still in my life, but if I found you that toxic, you're not likely to be in my life and so I'm not likely to give you much courtesy. So while I may not have much if anything negative to say about anyone I currently know, I will definitely keep anything personal about them private. Absolutely no sensitive info will be discussed in either public or private posts.

Furthermore, I won't go private on anything controversial just because some people might not want to hear it. No one's ever forced to listen to or read my stuff. They can just do what I do with people on Facebook that I may adore enough to remain friends with, but find too repetitious or into things/people I don't care about enough to follow. Or filter keywords and that sort of thing. :-)

I guess I'll start from the past and work my way up to the present which should take several days or even weeks.

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