Sunday, July 23, 2017


Grammarly is a totally awesome extension that really helps eliminate many of the typos and missing words caused by using speech to text as I've been addictively using for a while now. I've been systematically going through old entries as well as other things that are private. After I run it through some journals, I'll do some stories as well.

Speaking of stories, I went to reset my story account PW, but never got the email with the instructions to do so. Hopefully, I'll get that soon enough.

We stripped the dye out of my hair, and wow! I've forgotten how much lighter my natural color really is. I usually dye it dark brown, but it's a light to medium brown. I'm also not as gray as I thought I was. I'm somewhere between 20% and 25%. Definitely going to re-dye it so that I get a more even color from now on. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to cut it off first. It's pretty fried, so we'll see.

I don't know why they waited this late in the summer to send us this (maybe someone complained), but we received a list of the new pool rules. I'm kind of pissed too, because they extended the kids' hours from 1:00 to 2:00. Do they not realize that some of us come here to get away from them and their ear-splitting noise? They should have two pools here, one being totally childless.

We went to Raley's to get a form notarized yesterday, and I got an awesome serving tray with a picture of watermelon slices that's so nice. Don't know what I'm going to use it for since I don't entertain and I'm not a foodie, but I'll think of something.

For just $20 Tom is getting a 3-D pen. According to the YouTube videos we saw, it looks like it might be kind of fun.

I had a dream I was swimming somewhere, and then I got out of the pool and walked up to a nearby fast food place. I realized that my flip-flops were on the counter that a guy was trying to wipe down, so I took them off and stepped into them, having a hard time getting them to fit.

Once I finally got the flip-flops on, I decided I wanted to get in the soda line. Not realizing it had gotten so long so fast, a girl I almost cut in front of said something like, "Hey, I'm here."

So then I went to the end of the line and soon became aggravated by how long people were taking to get their drinks. I shouted, "Just get your drinks and go!" lol, I guess I was totally out of patience.

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