Saturday, July 29, 2017

Haircuts & Endless Projects

We didn't even make it a whole day before the next project started. I really can’t catch a break in this place. We're thinking that the guy that had a stroke (I don't know his name) was moved to a home and that they're getting ready to sell his house with all the activity going on over there. Yesterday someone was using an insanely loud gas-powered power washer to hose down some carpet. This was in the evening. That went on for a couple of hours after having to listen to the usual traffic and landscaping sounds.

That loud white truck has been coming around twice a day to Geri's lately, and I had to listen to the distracting bumps and bangs of something being loaded onto it for a while after the power washer stopped, so it never went quiet here until around 9 PM yesterday. It's just ridiculous the amount of activity I hear around here. Although Tom disagrees, I don't think it's much quieter than Phoenix was, when I think about it. It’s just different sounds made by different people. Instead of dogs, kids and loud music, I hear traffic, landscaping and loud machinery/equipment. What is better about this place is that the shit doesn't extend into the night. You won't hear parties at midnight here or dogs barking at 3am.

Today I heard the power washer for over 6 hours. Even on the weekends, I can't have any peace. I'm hoping that now that it's after 6 PM they'll pack it in for the night and that Geri's company won't come and sit and idol its loud truck while loading whatever into it.

Now I hear some hammering. *sighs with frustration* Well, I may not be able to get much peace around here unless it's in the dead of night, but I can go swimming. Going to go for an evening swim. It seems to be pretty dead at that time and then you don't have the sun glaring in your eyes. It's going to be easier now that my hair isn't down to the small of my back. Yeah, a very nice lady named Nicky with purple hair took off 6 or 7 inches for me today. It's still long enough to be pulled back in a ponytail and the ponytail is about 5 or 6 inches long. In about 18 months it should be back to where it was, but hopefully a lot healthier. Now that I'm staining the color into my hair instead of dyeing it, that should help. Also maybe now that I'm using the right leave-in conditioner that will help as well. Nicky told me that the Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum is actually a bad thing to use and that it dries the hair out because it shrinks the hair follicles or something like that. It makes sense when you think about it since it's silicone, and I would notice a buildup of the stuff every now and then and have to take a few days off from it. Why I was ever recommended it, I don't know.

Don't know if I buy that trimming the hair makes it grow faster or that hairs with split ends are dead and won't grow anymore. Hair grows from the roots, not the ends. So I'm not going to get it trimmed every 3 to 4 months like she recommended but maybe more like every 6 months. She said she trims hers every 3 weeks.

Miracle 10, Paul Mitchell's replacement, does all kinds of things I want it to do. It detangles, reduces frizz, protects against flat irons and stuff like that, and so much more. After we go swimming I'll give it its second Swarzstar treatment, then hit it with Miracle 10. She said the stuff is super concentrated and that once I've used about two-thirds of the bottle I can add water to it. I guess I just spray it into my hands a few times and then rub it into my hair.

Oh fuck. It's 6:30 now and the fucking power washer just started back up. What, are they going to do this until dark? This has got to piss off even those who don't usually mind noise.

Got the pond sticker and it's way nicer than I thought it would be. I love it! It's got 10 fish, 3 water lilies, and 3 large leaves, one with a frog on it, and is surrounded by rocks. Tom helped me apply it on the master bathroom floor. It looks more 3-D the further you stand from it and that way you also don't see the texture of the floor.

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