Friday, July 7, 2017


While my GYN is a nice lady, she and her staff really are one inconsistent bunch. I recently messaged her to let her know that I finished the 3-month recommended time of twice weekly steroid treatments for my dermatitis, and asked if I should resume treatment if the problem flares up again. Not only does she re-recommend surgery, saying that irregular bleeding is a common sign of uterine cancer (yeah, it's also a sign of perifuckingmenopause when you're 51 years old), but also says I should be doing the twice weekly maintenance for a period of 6 months. Being told one thing and then another gets old, but it won't kill me to do another few months as I can tell the problem is much better but not completely gone.

Want to get more followers on Twitter? Just go private. Seriously, I rarely get followers on my public account, but everyone wants to follow my private ones. I may make exceptions for the health one, but the private one is strictly that... Private. :-)