Saturday, July 1, 2017

LOL, Who's Kidding Who?

I was remembering an old friend whose father was throwing the book of hate at her that people call the Bible due to her fondness of women. I wonder if she ever got the strength to follow her heart and be herself. I hope so, for her sake.

Andy once tried to tell me I was automatically blessed because I was Jewish. Well, my family was/is Jewish. I'm just little old me. Yeah, right. That's why 6 million Jews were killed because they're so damn blessed. That's why I had an abusive mother. That's why I had all kinds of shit happen to me that happened; because I'm so damn blessed, right? :)

SMH Everyone wants to believe that they're somehow special, that they're protected, and will never be given more than they can handle, which would basically make a person immortal when you think about it. But the truth is that we're all fish in a sea of random goodness and badness that will happen to us all throughout our lives. Then one day we'll be given more than we can handle and it will kill us, be it a heart attack, a stroke, cancer, an accident... Whatever.

On a much more lighthearted note, although I did have more anxiety yesterday than I did the day before, and I did take lorazepam, my day ended well and I slept better.

I went out walking for about a half hour at midnight. Did a little running as I usually do, just not as much with my period in full swing and seemingly no end in sight. If there’s anything I miss from my pre-levothyroxine days besides the lack of anxiety and being able to have my coffee as soon as I get up, it’s the short wimpy periods.

We’re looking forward to him having four days off. We have to bomb the place again so we’ll probably do that real early tomorrow morning and go to Mel’s Diner, then maybe do a little shopping at Walmart. We’ll also be doing stuff around the house like cleaning the carpet and maybe power hosing the outside of the house. Why did we have to end up with a white house? But then even if we didn’t, dirt would be visible under the white carport and patio roofs.

Oh damn. CampNano started less than an hour ago. Almost forgot that. I guess I’ll get working on Someone Else’s Lady!

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