Saturday, July 22, 2017


Got up early today, changed the rats' cage, then went bike riding with Tom. I spotted Janice and Carolyn along the way, then Virginia sitting out front on the way back.

I totally hate the hell out of these bikes! His seat kept falling and my gears are all messed up. Of all the different size wheels I've had on bikes, 24" is the best. 26" is too high for me and makes the bike practically fly. But 20" under powers the bike. I shouldn't have to pedal going downhill.

It's a lovely time of year. Full, leafy trees, flowers of all kinds and colors. Not a fan of daffodils and marigolds, but I like most of what I see around here.

After we got groceries I did a load of laundry, worked on my book, did a little coloring, watched some of my show (season 12 of Criminal Minds), and I'm going to be taking it easy for the most part today.

Hopefully the weekend will be peaceful, since Monday the irrigation people are coming back to annoy us with their insanely loud machinery. When they dropped those heavy metal plates onto the road before they left yesterday, I could feel it shake the entire place even though I had headphones on with blasting music.

Didn't sleep as well last night, though I'm still sleeping well overall. I'm not sure if the Amberen has been helping at all, but just in case it is (along with lowering my levothyroxine dosage just a touch), I ordered another month's supply on Amazon for half of what it costs at Walgreen's, along with a coloring book.

Last night I woke up often enough to remember some dreams. Kathleen was in one of them. Something about me showing her my "universe," which seemed to be something on my phone. But the phone was plugged into a wall and I couldn't get it to reach where she was standing.

Then I was staying in a hotel with Aly (ugh) and I think someone else as well. Not sure what the occasion was but I told her I was going to go out and feed the fish. She said okay from another room. I told her I loved her and she said she loved me too.

As I approached the door to go out I found an old scrap of paper on the floor. Then I opened the room and found the housekeeper and her cart just outside the door. I looked for a place to dump the paper, but couldn't find a trash container on the cart. So I began to walk down the hall and the housekeeper, who might not have spoken English, came up behind me. I thought she was going to take and dump the piece of paper for me, but instead she thrust a dollar bill in my hand.

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